Gaming break—extended

August is here, and as promised, I'm back in business full force. This is what I should write; but unfortunately, the reality is quite different. See, the wrist pain I mentioned in my last post has evolved into a full-blown case of tendinitis—and a nasty one at that. The verdict is unplacable: I have to stay away from all gaming devices until things get better, which could take several weeks. And since unnecessary typing is also off-limits, there won't be a lot of blogging either during that time—not that I would have written a lot anyway without playthroughs to write about, mind you.

I'm quite bummed by this turn of events, but let's face it: health comes first. I wouldn't risk ruining my wrist beyond repair just for the sake of gaming, so I'll be sensible and leave my consoles untouched for as long as necessary. With that said, I'll see you later, dear fellow gamers. I'll be back here eventually, be it in three weeks or three months. Thanks for reading, and be my guest anytime!