Bits and Tidbits: First edition

As you may have guessed already, dear fellow gamers, this is a feature about recent gaming news that clicked with me yet are too minor to deserve a full post. It's still unclear whether this will be an isolated occurrence or a recurring feature—only time and my writing instinct will tell. Without further ado, here are the juicy gaming tidbits that sparked my interest of late!

Tidbit#1: Ray Gigant will not have a physical release in the West. To say that I'm disappointed by this turn of events is pretty much an understatement. A slew of Vita first-person dungeon crawlers were granted a physical release on our shores in the last two years, so why not this one? Fortunately, I still have the option of purchasing the Japanese physical version and will very likely do just that sooner or later.

Tidbit#2: Stranger of Sword City is going to be granted a limited special edition in North-America. I learnt this after I preordered my own copy, and having missed a special edition of a much-coveted game by just a couple of weeks should have made me absolutely crestfallen; however, much to my surprise, I didn't even feel a pang of regret. The truth is that I didn't care about the existence of this special edition one bit, and the though of purchasing it on top of my normal edition didn't even cross my mind. Heck, I'm not sure I would have deigned to get my paws on it even if I had not preordered the normal edition! That just shows how deeply I'm burnt out on special editions after my recent discomfitures in that field.

Tidbit#3: ClaDun Sengoku is going to be released in Japan on the 26th of may. As an avid retro gamer who already owns the first two instalments, I am highly interested by this release and pondering a purcharse—all the more so as if the game is localized, it will probably be under the digital format like its two predecessors.

Tidbit#4: After a good four months of delay, the physical limited edition of Summon Night 5 is finally available... to everyone's utter indifference, it seems. The little interest there was in this edition was killed by the delays and the december release of the digital version of the game, and the only gamers elated about this long-awaited release are probably the ones who preordered it months ago. I'm one of them, and my limited physical edition is on its way to my precious collection as I'm typing these lines. Better late than never! (En passant, I'm quite relieved that there was no shortage à la Nintendo and that my preorder could be fulfilled. Kudos to Play-Asia for their great stock management!)

Tidbit#5: Since I'm mentioning Summon Night 5, it's worth noting that there are currently no news at all regarding Class of Heroes 3, the other Gajinworks PSP RPG that was slated for a late physical and digital release in the West. It's unclear whether the project has been purely ditched or whether the Gajinworks team is working on it silently, and only time will tell. Given the quiet and delayed release of Summon Night 5, I would wager that the project is not abandoned but will come to fruition with a lot of delay.

That's it for my juicy gaming tidbits of the moment, fellow gamers. Thanks for reading, and be my guest anytime!


  1. I am SO hyped for the new Cladun. One of my favorite games from last gen, for sure. Legasista was so-so, but Cladun x2 was 10/10 for me.

    Summon Night 5's reception was lukewarm at best because of all the controversy of Gaijinworks's translation quality and the removal of 99% of the voice acting. Add that the game is worse than it's predecessors, and you got a pretty bad mix. Still, we finally got a Summon Night mainline game in English, so it's still a great day for anyone who what's to finally play one, instead of all the spin-offs we got.

    1. I am personally delighted by the removal of the voice-acting in Summon Night 5. I so HATE voice-acting in games.

      Even if it turns out that I don't like the game, I won't regret having bought that limited physical edition. The late release of PSP RPGs is a noble enterprise that I fully support and I'm glad to have invested in it.

      Are you planning to purchase the Japanese version of Cladun Sengoku? I sure do!^^

    2. I really don't care about voice acting but it's a very big deal to many people. Specially since the SN5's seiyuus are of really big quality. I honestly really enjoyed the voices when I played it in JP.

      Yes, I'm definitely going to buy the physical release of Cladun Sengoku! I'm probably going to japan this summer, so I'll snatch it along with other Vita and PS3 games I have my eye on.

    3. You're going to Japan this summer?! Wow, lucky you!! You sure cannot miss going on a shopping rampage whilst you're there! ^___^ I would certainly love to see a haul of your gaming purchases.

      (By the way, is your blog totally abandoned? This was such a promising start... ;) )

    4. Yep. Well, I sure have a sizable list of possible purchases! Dunno, if I can buy everything I want though. Because of customs and stuff. I really need to inform myself about that.

      (Whelp, I actually have fun writing about the games I've played but, dunno, I guess I'm more of a "commentator" type? I think I prefer to discuss directly with others about games rather than state that this game is X. Like this comment fest we having here in 3 of your articles! It's not abandoned for the time being though. :p )

    5. "Comment fest", indeed! :D You cracked me up with this one.^^ Although I'm not the most social gamer, never going on forums and rarely commenting on blogs, I indeniably appreciate this side of blogging as well. It's especially fun to see how the discussion can expand, develop and stray widely from the initial post subject in a long string of comments.

      My sister went to Japan last year and brought back tons of stuff, (including a PS Vita for me^^) yet the customs left her in peace. Hopefully you'll have the same luck, it would be sad to have to refrain from buying unique items just because of customs!

    6. I'm not the most social gamer either, but I do enjoy finding some like-minded gamers to discuss games and "trade" recommendations. I highly enjoy talking about particular games and how different people caught different aspects of said game(s).

      Ah, that's reassuring to hear! Still, I'll give a look at my country's law just to be sure. I just hope I can find the games on my wish list over there! :p

    7. So do I! Internet helps a lot in this endeavour. Portable systems are so unpopular amongst adults that finding a portable system aficionado in one's vicinity is highly unlikely. If not for internet, I would probably never utter a word about gaming to anyone! :P